Now that we're all caught up,

Here's a little more about me!

A wife

Taron and I dated for 6 years and got married back in 2016. We planned our wedding in 8 weeks (because, why not!), on top of a mountain at his grandparents' house. For our honeymoon, we drove all along the East Coast from New Jersey to Newfoundland, Canada and back. We went cod fishing alongside humpback whales, rock climbing off the coast of Maine, and sightseeing among the fjords of Gros Morne.

Over the years, we have enjoyed many road trips together. Whether it's driving cross country with no set plans, visiting family down in Florida, or heading to Raystown Lake to get away for a bit. Of course, home is where the heart is. We have enjoyed our life together, on our little slice of heaven, with our three little kiddos, our dog, Chepi, and our three goats.

A Mom

In 2020, amidst the peak of the Covid pandemic, we became parents. We have had three sweet little babies since. Our days are filled with unpredictable wake-up times, lots of trains and books, impromptu dance parties, and late-night wrestling matches.

Becoming a mother has profoundly transformed my existence in ways I never anticipated, but I have learned so much in these past years. It remains the most monumental and demanding task I've ever done, yet I do love these little people.

Everything else

If I had a whole day to do anything I wanted, I'd probably go for a hike or spend time working in my garden. We love native gardening and learning about local plants. Of course, I will never say no to a fun night out with a glass of wine and slab of steak!

Bonus TIme!

Yep, that's me bungee jumping!