A few days into 2020...

I finally convince my husband to knock down a wall in our kitchen and put closets in our extra bedroom. We live in a fixer-upper that he bought back in 2008. He has been working on this house non-stop since he bought it. We were married back in 2016 and added to the fun and torture of it all.

Covid shut down the world a few days into our home renovation projects. It seemed like great timing since we were both stuck at home and all of my events and clients were cancelled. I figured this is a good time to update my website, get all my business logistics in order, paint a room or two, and cut down about 180 trees in our backyard.

Enter a Heading

Taron not only did the closets, but decided it was a cool time to start a little reading nook in this bedroom, from a old log cabin we took down.

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Little did we know,

Amidst the chaos, that I was pregnant. It was strange navigating pregnancy during such uncertain times. We weren't able to see anyone, my husband was restricted from any appointments and ultrasound, virtual announcements to family, drive-by baby showers. Balancing sickness with low iron, I passed out on the floors of Walmart and people ran because they thought I had Covid. All the while, adapting my business to the pandemic's challenges was overwhelming.. Nobody prepares you for a world pandemic in the business world.

I'll always remember asking my mom, if we could go on a socially distanced hike. She didn't know I was pregnant at the time. I just needed my mom. There is something powerful about having you mom around while you are pregnant. Being sick and lonely, I just desired being with my mom, even if it was 6 feet apart.

We welcomed our daughter, Eleanor, into the world. Motherhood blindsided me, with the profound level of dependency an infant has on you. Despite spending every moment with this tiny human, feelings of isolation often crept in. I continued juggling motherhood while maintaining my business, trying to keep my clients happy and sustain my workload. It was wild.

Since then, we've been blessed with three amazing children. There have been a lot of life adjustments and relying on my husband for support and encouragement. All the while, I still wanted to continue my photography path.

Four years later, the task of updating my website has finally come to fruition. What seemed like a simple task is now done. My website is after a long time, live! It's been a journey filled with patience, juggling babies, striving for authenticity, countless late nights, and a very patient husband!

So this...

a little snippet of me, mixed with my desire to document real-life moments. After becoming a mom, I became passionate about documenting birth and family. So I have expanded my portfolio to shape a fresh new brand. I'm excited and nervous.

Excited to hear what you think, take a peak!!